okay I don’t know anything about kingdom hearts but all I know is that this guy is fuckin hardcore

literally who the fuck just bites into a popsicle with their bare teeth first thing and he’s so casual about it what kind of tough as fuck bastard can just do that I am so confused and slightly scared by this man

Title: The Sugar Rush
Artist: Kingdom Hearts 3 - Imaginated Music
Played: 3,571 plays


The most suggested theme this time was an Area Theme for Wreck-It Ralph. Is in the wish list of everybody I think.

Send me a message if you got any suggestion.

There are days when I can forget it all happened.  Forget about the friendship, the connection, the trust.  Then there are days like today…where it comes washing over me all at once like sea of regret and despair.  Even though I have no heart now, I can still remember to have one broken.


I must control my anger,
           or I won’t control my power

                    I must control my rage
                              or lose the ability to plan 

                                            I must control my fury 
                                                     or let slip all that I’ve sought